Services and Benefits

At Car Concierge, we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to keep your car on the road and you comfortable in it. That’s why we offer a complete range of services:

In Garage or at your home services:

  • On-site Car Wash and Detailing (Click here for details) 
  • Parking Discounts
  • Personalized Online Garage
  • Exclusive Auto club membership discounts
  • Smartphone emergency accident help app

Off-Site Member Concierge Coodination Services

  • Scheduled Maintenance to your or our preferred dealer network all makes and Models
  • All Heavy vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Vehicle Tags & Titles
  • Vehicle Body Repair
  • Vehicle Upolstery Repair
  • End of Lease Return Service

When your car is being serviced, your individual concierge tracks the process in real-time, keeping you informed of progress and getting your approval for services and expenditures every step of the way. You pay the retail price for the services and a nominal pick up and  delivery charge. Best of all, a trained and experienced service writer reviews your service options and obtains competitive quotes from several service organizations. Just try it once and you will see how time saving and cost effective this is. References from our members available upon request.


White Glove Service

Your car will be treated with the utmost care, as if it were our own. Our car-care experts know no bounds when it comes to delivering best-in-class service in all situations. As a member, you can expect:
  • Real white gloves and floor mats will be used whenever we enter your car.
  • Oil levels and tire pressure are always checked and windshields cleaned. 
  • Full car photos are taken every time to ensure there are no surprises.

* Within geographical service area. Additional service fee if applicable as well as all applicable taxes and tolls.

Featured Customer Stories

  • Featured work
    Keeping up with those Joneses

    Carl and Ellen Jones joined Car Concierge because they knew it would help to take away some of the hassles that come with car ownership. They quickly discovered just how great the service is and how much free time it gave them to actually enjoy driving.

  • Featured work
    There for you 24/7

    It's almost overused, but that whole 24/7 things really comes in handy when it comes to roadside assistance that comes bundled with your Car Concierge Membership.

  • Featured work
    The beauty is in the details.

    Got wheels? Wanna take care of them without all of the traditional hassle? Your Car Concierge has it all covered. Head to tail and bumper to bumper we'll keep you rolling along in style.

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